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Bobby's Alive?!

Bobby faked his death?!

The Bready Horror Picture Show presents: Shit Talking w/ Bready and Sleeves

Sleeves is joined by his new cohost, the newest Doo Doo Man, Bready!

A Very Somber Shit Talking w/ Bobby and Sleeves (special guest: Breadbard)

Breadbard stops by the St Louis Shell Station men's room studio to talk with the Doo Doo Men.

Shit Talking with Bobby and Sleeves (with special guest: Big Nate)

The Doo Doo Men chat with Nate from Friendsmen podcast.

Shit Talking w/ Bobby and Sleeves (Special Guest: Franklin - The President of Buzzcast)

The Doo Doo Men talk with their boss, Franklin, about their hit show Shit Talking and the new ad sponsors they're bringing to Buzzcast

Shit Talking w/ Bobby and Sleeves (special guest: RANDY5000)

RANDY5000 helps the Doo Doo men with some upgrades to the Shell Station Men's Room studio in Saint Louis, MO.

Shit Talking w/ Bobby and Sleeves (special guest: The Dune Boys)

The Doo Doo Men (Bobby and Sleeves) talk with the Dune Boys. This podcast is recorded live at the St. Louis Shell Station Men's Room.

Shit Talking w/ Bobby and Sleeves (special guest: Budd)

The Doo-Doo men are back at it again and this time they have Budd in the Shell Station Men's Room Studio

Shit Talking with Bobby and Sleeves (special guest: @Shampoodler)

Bobby and Sleeves have hit it big. They are now...The Doo-Doo Men!

SleeveSCAPES 2 "Sticky and Icky"

Detectives Skip Church and Lance Granite talk with the new victim's brother, Icky.

SleeveSCAPES 1 "The Bridge Killer"

Detectives Lance Granite and Skip Church hunt for The Bridge Killer

Sleevescapes 4

Sleeves and Bobby go hunting for toilet paper during the Covid crisis

Sleevescapes 3 w/ @breadburps

Breadbard picks up Bobby and they meet Sleeves under a bridge, where he's partying like there's no tomorrow.

Sleevescapes 2

Sleeves and Bobby visit Big Walnut Creek in Putnam County Indiana


Welcome to the first episode of Sleevescapes. In this episode Sleeves heads to Ohio (America, USA) and visits Pee Pee Township to enjoy the natural nature sounds of Pee Pee Creek.

The Shining performed by Bobby and Sleeves

The Bobby Horror Picture Show Presents: The Shining (performed by Bobby and Sleeves) PT. 1

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